Сегодня я вспомнил красивую песню, которую я слушал на работе на этой неделе (я работаю на компьютере и часто я слушаю музыку, чтобы сосредоточивать себе лучшее). Мне особенно понравился текст этой песни:

You were made for a reason
In an extraordinary way.
Forget about your imperfections
Cause God doesn’t make mistakes.
You’re so much more than you imagine,
A priceless work of art.
If you look deep inside
There’s something so divine
And that’s really who you are.
You are a miracle,
Sent here straight from Heaven.
A shooting star lighting up the sky.
A daughter of the God of Love,
Who wants you by His side.
He had to let you go,
But He wants you to know-
You are a miracle
One of His miracles.
You were born for greatness.
It’s who you are.

У&З. 18:10
pricesless work of art_shrinked

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