Joshua Christian Drewlow

Hi! My name’s Joshua Christian Drewlow, I’m the owner and founder of this blog.

I’m a Software Engineer from Switzerland and right now I am a follower of Jesus Christ with all my heart. From September 2013 until September 2015 I served a volunteer mission in Ukraine for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints ( Stories on my blog. That was a real adventure! It was really humbling to see how God cares for His children in times of war and financial crisis. In my free time I love to be with my family, hike in the mountains, do photography and sports. On my website you find more about the stuff I do.

When I initially had the idea about this blog:

During the EFY camp (one week where young adults meet to deepen the teachings of Jesus Christ) in year 2011, a cool idea came up to my mind. Everyone in my group wrote down a verse that was special to them each day and we collected them on a paper. After the camp I studied through all those scriptures and it was a marvelous experience! I felt so much inspiration and power from those verses that were precious to other people.

Well, after a while I got to the idea to start up this blog. The goal of this blog is to help us remember the words of the prophets, the words and teachings of Jesus Christ and feel as if they would speak to us today 🙂

December 2015 – This blog is continued in Russian

I decided to continue this blog in Russian, because of several reasons, read them here. Mainly because I want to continue contributing to the big nation in the East. If there is somebody willing to help me out, we probably could do both, Russian and English. Give me a write 😉

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