I had an impressiv experience how God made my day on Monday!

In the morning, while walking to the trainstation, I was a bit nervous because in a few hours I was about to give a 15 minute presentation at work and I wasn’t done with the preparation yet. By the corner of a small street 20 meters before the station, an old man with his dog starred to the sky. As I passed him (right that moment I blewed in my hands to keep them warm) he looked at me and said: “It’s quite cool today, isn’t it?”, I laughed and said: “Yes! It really is.”. He smiled, wished me a great day and said good bye. I returned the greetings, waved him goodbye and got on the train. I felt my heart beeing filled with love and joy, realizing how wonderful that old man cheered me up. I thanked God for this small, but great moment.

I’m sure that there are much more moments in our daily life where we see God caring for his children! Watch out for them! 😀

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