Hi my friends! Today this blogproject turned 1! 😀 Exactly one year ago on 21th august 2011 I started everydayscripture.com.

Enjoy the cake!

Thank you!
First I wanna say thanks to all the suggestions, the comments and all the help to share this blog!

Whats the future?
Last week I was in the “Power to shake the world”-camp and I felt the spirit so powerful! With the new power I feel in my heart, I want to shake the world and continue running this blog! I’m looking forward to publish a verse every day. This week I started jogging every morning with the elders. Afterwards I read in the scriptures and prepare a post. Helps me a lot, physically and mentally!

Some months ago I asked the Mormon Channel if they can promote this blog. They were fascinated about my idea, but I do need to verify the blog from the church. This will be the next big step and I hope much more people will then read and subscribe everydayscripture.com.

This week I’m going to update the about page and some other stuff. Wanna make the site more comfortable, faster, nicer 🙂

There is one more change.. it’s top secret!

What do you think?
You are invited to place your feedback, ideas, wishes and complaints in the commentsection. Thanks!

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