I hope you’ve enjoyed general conference this weekend with all your heart! It was my first time I listened to the conference through an audio podcast at home. During the speeches I made a few notes which I want to share with you:

– am I ready to meet god?
– the family is the foundation of love
– there is indeed beauty all around when there is love
– take any necessary action to strength our spirit now
– i’m a mormon, i know it, i live it, i love it
– do we activlly act what we know
– not my will, but your will be done, this should be our prayer
– what matters most?
– its very important increasing our gospel knowledge
– lovingly serving others, everywhere to everyone
– living our lives according our knowledge
– we are on the right path
– increase gospel principals and life more fully
– plan of eternal happyness
– the holy gost lift us up, give us hope and teaches us the peaceful things of the kingdom
– the holy ghost enlightnen our minds
– become as a little child, humble, meek and ready to hear the still small voice of the spirit
– by the power of the holy ghost we know the truth of all things
– ask the missionaries, they can help you
– focus on now, not on the finish line or you will fail to enjoy the journey

My heart was especially touched when Elder Craig C. Christensen shared an experience with the holy ghost wich president Monson had, when he was a bishop. Watch the speech here.

I especially love the statement of Ann M. Dibb in the Saturday Morning Session (watch the speech here):

I’m a Mormon. I know it. I live it. I love it.

I hope and pray that we allways, at anytime, whereever we are, remind ourself to this 4 small statements. 😉

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