Hello dear scripture friends 🙂

So..  thinking about the future of this project THIS IDEA came up not long ago. Let me explain

takaya idea

Some of you might know that I returned from a mission in Ukraine in September this year. I’ve been there for two years, preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, strengthening families and individuals by His teachings and serving them doing various service projects. It was an amazing experience to meet so many new people every day. People who have a strong love and hope for their country, their families and their well preserved culture. It was a real pleasure for me to learn Russian, their culture, how they feel and think. Many have been to me a great example of optimism in worst situations, self independence, doing something awesome out of nothing, and pure honesty. They helped me out a lot with my Russian, mostly probably by being patient with my mistakes 😛 All in one: It was fun!

I really want to continue this project because it makes me feel more excited about scriptures. Their are couple of reasons I would like to continue this project in Russian, here some of them;

  • First of all my mum had the idea 😀
  • The people there, their language and culture, I just love it! In the Russian language you have expressions you can not say/understand or feel that way in other languages… it’s just cool!
  • Now there are a lot of projects like this in English (my favorite is probably LDS Daily)
  • keep up my Russian

It will take some time to make this change happen, so grab a cup of tea, get a Russian crash course and wait a few days 😉

All the best and happy holidays


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